Social changes

LATEST: Job openings will increase in the next 5 years due to retirements of the baby boomer generation.
LATEST: 3D printing of clothing will become mainstream by the early 2020s and that there will be a vibrant open-source exchange of free designs.
LATEST: India's government will not be able to fix its public schools in time to educate the more than 100 million children in towns and villages that are currently without adequate educational facilit...
LATEST: A return to normal weather patterns could further support higher oil demand growth in the current year.
LATEST: Climate change is projected to have negative impacts on the MRP of 89% of the world's fishing countries (170 countries).
LATEST: Debate is likely to continue as the United States seeks to determine the best strategy and nuclear posture to deal with the bipolar legacy of the Cold War as well as the dynamics of emerging region...
LATEST: Macroeconomic uncertainty remains and could influence consumer and enterprise spending in 2016.
LATEST: Debatable assumption is that only a capable Afghan state excluding the Taliban can prevent international terrorist organizations from posing a threat to the United States or expanding across South ...
LATEST: The opening of US / Cuban air travel renders the whole concept of wet foot since Cubans will now be able to fly into the US and seek adjustment from there.
LATEST: Enterprises pursuing digital transformation strategies are meanwhile expected to more than double their software development capabilities by 2020.
LATEST: Increasing life spans mean a woman in the United States today will live five years longer than the average man.
LATEST: There will be more than 2 billion Alphas by 2025.
LATEST: Technology is an integral part of Gen Z's lives and they will expect it to be seamless in their work experience.
LATEST: Gen Xers are likely going to be next generation of nonprofit EDs/CEOs.
LATEST: In South America, Argentina will lead demand for natural gas.
LATEST: Seven out of the 19 industry divisions that house the 509 industry classes will benefit most from the next utility.
LATEST: Over the next 40 years, life expectancy at birth at the global level is expected to reach 76 years in 2045-2050 and 82 years in 2095-2100.
LATEST: HR professionals will see explosive growth in their use of artificial intelligence over the next five years.
LATEST: Leaders will need to understand the need to cultivate and hone an entirely new set of leadership skills to match the required leadership perspectives and mind-sets geared towards thriving in a worl...
LATEST: Mr Trump could wilfully ignore America's obligations to cut emissions-although it is more than halfway to meeting its own target of cutting emissions 26-28% below 2005 levels by 2025 it is widely e...
LATEST: VR will span experiential transfer of sporting and entertainment events.
LATEST: In the Philippines, climate change is projected to cut per-capita consumption of cereals by 24 percent and fruits and vegetables by 13 percent, increasing the number of people at risk of hunger by ...
LATEST: The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees will propose a Global Compact on Refugees to the General Assembly in 2018.
LATEST: Emerging disease risk for plant and animal health is a local issue in essence but with a global dimension.
LATEST: Market developments (volatility, intensified competition and market stagnation) and cyber incidents are the top three global business risks.
LATEST: The US administration will take broad, sweeping steps to reduce the size of the federal government.
LATEST: By 2034, the number of deaths in Canada is anticipated to exceed births and immigration is expected to account for 100 per cent of population growth.
LATEST: European countries will remain active and steadfast allies on the range of national security threats that face both the United States and Europe-from energy and climate change to countering violent...
LATEST: Islam could be dropped as Bangladesh's official religion following a number of attacks in the country against people of other faiths.
LATEST: The U.S., China, Russia, and India have already spent significant resources on hypersonic weapons development and will be able to deploy them within the next five to ten years.
LATEST: By 2055, life expectancy at birth will be 95.1 years for men and 96.6 years for women in Australia.20 As a result of the growing population of older people and increasing life expectancy.
LATEST: Tunisia is a red line and any destabilisation will be seen as a threat to Algerian national security.
LATEST: A revision could require companies to disclose far more about climate change and other environmental risks than ever before.
LATEST: Investments in cities' low-emission transportation, building efficiency and waste management could generate $17 trillion in savings by 2050.
LATEST: UK couples who are married will now be able to pass on £850,000 in total without paying tax.
LATEST: Sub-Saharan Africa is expected to add 1.81 million bales to trade and account for 15 to 16 percent of world trade over the projection period.
LATEST: Proterra's efforts bode well for the distances that electric vehicles suited for use in public transport fleets will be able to travel in the future.
LATEST: Rising demand amid static domestic polymer capacity expansion is expected to increase Europe's reliance on imports in the second half of 2017 while global capacity expansion will likely contribute ...
LATEST: China will impose much stricter quality restrictions on imported cardboard as well as banning the importation of all plastic waste and mixed paper rubbish from all over the world.
LATEST: The work of product developers and production workers will come closer to each other and potentially merge.
LATEST: The rapid integration of the digital world and the physical world presents unprecedented opportunities for businesses in a wide array of industries.

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